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Economic Model Predictive Control

Model predictive control (MPC) has become the advanced control method of choice in the chemical process industry, and has been widely adopted in other industrial sectors. It utilizes an internal dynamic model which is embedded in an optimization formulation to calculate future plant inputs to minimize a performance criterion such as the set-point tracking error over a future time horizon. Key advantages are its ability to handle input and output constraints directly, its accounting for multivariable interactions through the process model, and its flexibility in in terns of model type, performance objectives and constraints. MACC has been active in MPC applications involving high-fidelity nonlinear models and an economic objective function. Applications include economic MPC (EMPC) of electric arc furnaces that includes use of a nonlinear state estimation scheme, and EMCP of process plants under unit failure conditions. We have also explored the use of linear dynamic data-driven models in EMPC applications, and application of robust EMPC to supply chain operation.

Dr. Chris L. E. Swartz
Professor and Director, MACC
Dr. Prashant Mhaskar
Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nonlinear and Fault-Tolerant Control
Aswin Chandrasekar
Ph.D. Candidate
Pulkit Mathur
Ph.D. Candidate
Evan Ubene
M.A.Sc. Candidate
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