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Supply Chain Optimization

A supply chain (SC) is a network of facilities that performs the functions of raw material procurement, raw material transformation into intermediate and finished products, and distribution of products to customers. A supply chain typically covers a large geographical region, and its operation has a significant impact on the economic performance of an enterprise. Within our group, we consider strategies for optimal supply chain operation and design, as well as the development of computational tools for supply chain performance analysis. Work in this area includes (i) a novel robust model predictive control formulation for application to process supply chain systems, (ii) a supply chain formulation that includes time-limited transportation contracts within an optimal supply chain design, and (iii) development of a systematic framework for supply chain operability analysis, motivated by Canadian forest products industry transformation from commodity production to integrated biorefineries producing biofuels and specialty chemicals, where flexibility and responsiveness to accommodate market variation, feedstock variability and fluctuating customer demands is a key consideration.

Dr. Chris L. E. Swartz
Professor and Director, MACC
Jing Wang
Ph.D. Candidate
Supply Chain Design with Time-Limited Transportation Contracts
Computers & Chemical Engineering, 131 106579 (2019)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Supply chain optimization of flare-gas-to-butanol processes in Alberta
Canadian J Chem Eng, 94 (12) 2336-2354 (2016)  -  [ Publisher Version ]
Robust decision making for hybrid process supply chain systems via model predictive control
Computers & Chemical Engineering, 62 (5) 37-55 (2014)  -  [ Publisher Version ]