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Patrick Carter Patrick Carter
Supervised by Dr. Christopher Swartz

Start date
May 2013


MaSC Chemical Engineering, McMaster (2015)
B.Eng. Chemical Engineering and Management, McMaster University (2013)

Work Experience
Engineering Co-op Student: Hydro One – Operations (2011) Engineering Co-op Student: Hydro One – Telecom Engineering (2009)

Research Title
Stochastic Scheduling and Planning Optimization of a Steel Mill

Research Objectives
Dofasco, a steel maker in Hamilton Ontario, produces 4.5 million tons per year of value added steel. Their integrated steel making facility requires extensive planning in order to meet demand requirements and maintain inventory levels. The first objective of our research is to develop a mathematical model at the planning level that depicts how steel flows from the hot slabs produced by the continuous caster to the cold coils that are the final product of the mill. With this mathematical model fully laid out, we will be able to optimize the weekly amount of steel that is produced in order to meet the customers’ demands in a timely and cost efficient manner. The second research objective is to dig deeper into the process to create a scheduling model of the plant. This model takes into consideration the small nuances of hour-to-hour operation such as which tasks are performed when and what units are available to perform each task. The higher level planning model and the lower level scheduling model can be integrated together to ensure that each week, operators have a feasible and fully optimized set of production targets. The final research objective is to take into consideration the uncertainty inherent in a planning model that tries to predict what demand and production will be like months into the future.

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