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Learning Materials

Process Control Education

Dr. Tom Marlin hosts a Process Control Education website to assist advanced undergraduate university students learning process control (and for practitioners, who want to refresh their skills!). The site contains:

  • Interactive learning modules
  • Tutorials with complete answers for modelling, analysis, and design
  • An introduction to sensors and valves with extensive links to "industrial strength" references
  • Instrumentation information
  • PowerPoint lecture slides
  • Resources for further study

Optimization, non-linear programming and optimal control

A:  In an advanced-undergraduate/graduate course on optimization that Dr. Benoit Chachuat taught at McMaster, he uses these slides, which can be used for self study.

  1. Optimization formulation
  2. Basic concepts - Part I
  3. Linear programming: Principles
  4. Linear programming: Simplex search
  5. Linear programming: Sensitivity analysis
  6. Linear programming: Model formulation
  7. Mixed-integer linear programming: Model formulation
  8. Mixed-integer linear programming: Branch-and-bound search
  9. Basic concepts - Part II
  10. Non-linear programming: Unconstrained, single variable
  11. Non-linear programming: Unconstrained, multivariable
  12. Basic concepts - Part III
  13. Non-linear programming: Constrained, multivariable

Process Operability

Successful plant operation requires that plant equipment and instrumentation are designed to facilitate robust and flexible operation. Dr. Tom Marlin has developed operability learning materials for advanced undergraduates that address the following topics:

  1. Operating Window
  2. Flexibility
  3. Reliability
  4. Safety and Equipment Protection
  5. Dynamic Operation and Product Quality
  6. Operation during Transitions
  7. Efficiency and Profitability
  8. Monitoring and Diagnosis (including troubleshooting)

Statistics for Engineering and Latent Variable Methods

Kevin Dunn teaches an advanced-undergraduate/graduate course on Statistics for Engineering. The course starts with basic statistical techniques, covers control charts, design and analysis of experiments, and ends with multivariate data analysis. All the course handouts, slides and videos are available from the course website.

A graduate-level course on latent variable methods is being offered in 2011. Access all the course handouts and video recordings of the classes from the given link.