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MACC Students Win Top Honours

Update:Philip Tominac, Hadi Shahnazari, and James Scott were left off the list of recipients... sorry guys! I guess we had so many recipients that I couldn't keep track.
We are incredibly proud of our graduate students who continue to perform at the very best of their game. We had no less than EIGHTEEN! students win some sort of scholarship this year, with the nine pictured above winning new scholarships at the highest level (full funding).

NSERC Vanier Scholarship

Jake Nease This is the highest award an engineer can receive in the country! This top honour considers not only academic excellence but leadership and community service as well. On top of this, Jake was also awarded an Ontario Graduate scholarship, the Dean's Excellence award, an NSERC CHG-D scholarship, and the Robert B. Anderson award. Congrats!

NSERC Graduate Scholarships
The various NSERC scholarships are one of the best possible awards in the country for engineers and scientists, providing complete funding for one to three years.

Kyle Lefebvre-CGS M (Master's level), also, Teaching Assistant of the Year Award

Mudassir Rashid-CGS D2 (PhD's level)

Brian MacDonald-CGM (Master's level)

Sarah Ballinger-CGM (Master's level)

James Scott-CGM (Master's level)

Ontario Graduate Scholarships
The OGS scholarship is the highest awards given to graduate students inside the Province of Ontario. Full funding for one or more years is provided.

Jaffer Ghouse-OGS International (Phd level), also, Dean's Excellence Award

Yaser Salkuyeh Khojestah -OGS (PhD level)

Matt Wallace -OGS (PhD level)

Philip Tominac -OGS (PhD level)

Giancarlo Dalle AveOGS With Distinction (MaSC level)

International Excellence Awards
These are departmental level awards are given to high achieving international graduate students.

Pedro Castillo - International Excellence Award, Shell Canada Graduate Research Fellowship

Han Wang - International Excellence Award

Shailesh Patel - International Excellence Award

Brandon Corbett - International Excellence Award

Buddhadeva Das- International Excellence Award

Chinedu Okoli- International Excellence Award

Hadi Shahnazari- International Excellence Award

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