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MACC Prof wins Ontario Early Researcher Award

Assistant Professor Thomas A. Adams II recently received an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation for his research entitled "Sustainable Synthetic Fuels: Combining biomass, natural gas, and nuclear energy to produce diesel and gasoline with reduced CO2 emissions". The award is given to leading young scholars in the province from all fields of science, engineering, technology and medicine and consists of a $150,000 research grant over a period of five years. The MACC was the primary external sponsor of the award.

The research program is designed to help Ontario best meet its sustainable energy goals. The objective is to develop and study new chemical processes which co-produce key energy products for export and sale, including transportation fuels and electricity. The design is custom-developed for Ontario's specific needs. For example, much of the energy will be derived from Ontario's nuclear technologies as well non-food competitive biomass grown in Ontario such as forestry wastes, switchgrass, and rapeseed. With this process, Ontario will be positioned to be one of the world's lead exporters of products derived from nuclear energy.

The award was given by MPP Ted McMeekin and McMaster University President Patrick Deane.

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