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The McMaster Advanced Control Consortium (MACC) promotes and advances process automation and related process systems engineering technologies through academe-industry interactions. [more]
Sustainability Research
The MACC is spearheading a multi-million dollar research project devoted to the design, operation, and automation of sustainable chemical process systems. [Find out more]
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Dr. C.L.E. Swartz
Professor & Director, McMaster Advanced Control Consortium.
Dept of Chemical Engineering
McMaster University
1280 Main St W,
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4L8

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MACC Students Rock!
Eleven students awarded with National & Provincial honours
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Featured Article
MACC Students Win Top Honours

Update:Philip Tominac, Hadi Shahnazari, and James Scott were left off the list of recipients... sorry guys! I guess we had so many recipients that I couldn't keep track.
We are incredibly proud of our graduate students who continue to perform at the very best of their game. We had no less than EIGHTEEN! students win some sort of scholarship this year, with the nine pictured above winning new scholarships at the highest level (full funding).

NSERC Vanier Scholarship

Jake Nease This is...

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Featured Article
MACC Prof wins Ontario Early Researcher Award

Assistant Professor Thomas A. Adams II recently received an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation for his research entitled "Sustainable Synthetic Fuels: Combining biomass, natural gas, and nuclear energy to produce diesel and gasoline with reduced CO2 emissions". The award is given to leading young scholars in the province from all fields of science, engineering, technology and medicine and consists of a $150,000 research grant over a period of five... [full story]

Featured Article
Three MACC Students Graduate in 2014

We are proud to announce the graduation of three of our MACC graduate students this year:

Jingyan Chen. MaSC
Thesis Title: Statistic methods for process monitoring and control.
Adviser: Prashant Mhaskar

Kuilin Chen. MaSC
Thesis Title: Data-driven modeling for quality control in chemical processes.
Adviser: Prashant Mhaskar

Dominik Seepersad. MaSC
Thesis Title: Dynamic simulation and control of a hybrid coal gasifier / steam methane reformer system.
Adviser: Thomas A....

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Featured Article
26th MACC Meeting and Workshop

The MACC recently held its 26th annual Meeting & Workshop, entitled "Best Practices in Control and Optimization - from R&D to Industrial Implementation". Speakers included McMaster Professors Chris Swartz, Thomas A. Adams II, Vlad Mahalec, and Prashant Mhaskar; industrial member speakers from Exxon Mobil, Johnson Control, and ProSensus; special guest speakers Dr. Ali Cinar (IIT), Dr. Lotfi Belkhir (Walter Booth School of Engineering Practice at McMaster), and Dr. Danielle Zyngier at Hatch.... [full story]

Featured Article
MACC Launches Sustainability Website

The MACC has launched orfre.mcmaster.ca, a new website dedicated to showcasing our ongoing research in sustainability. Funded by an Ontario Research Fund - Research Excellent grant, the MACC has been researching how to design new sustainable chemical and energy processes, how to control them, and how to automate them in a sustainable way. Our research projects include the development of better solid oxide fuel cell systems, better biofuel systems, more sustainable air separation units,... [full story]

Featured Article
John MacGregor Festshcrift

We are delighted to announce that in recognition of the distinguished MACC alumn's 70th Birthday, John MacGregor has been honoured with a special Festschrift issue of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

In addition, the work of Dr. MacGregor will celebrated in two special sessions on November 3 at the upcoming national meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in San Francisco. The sessions will feature presentations and contributions from his many students and...

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Featured Article
MACC Prof Writes New Book

MACC Professor Prashant Mhaskar, along with colleagues Prof. Jinfeng Liu (U. Alberta), and Prof. Panagiotis D. Christofides (UCLA), have announced the publication of their new book “Fault-Tolerant Process Control: Methods and Applications”. Drawing on their many years of experience and active research at the forefront of the field, the book discusses issues concerning nonlinear systems and control concerning stability, stabilization, zero dynamics, model predictive control, integrated... [full story]

Recent Activity
MACC Students Win Top Honours
Update:Philip Tominac, Hadi... [more]

New Paper
Kushlani Wijesekera, Thomas A. Adams. Semicontinuous distillation of quaternarny mixtures using one distillation column and two integrated middle vessels [more]

New Theses
Rahul Gandhi. A safe-parking framework to handle faults in nonlinear process systems [more]

MACC Prof wins Ontario Early Researcher Award
Assistant Professor Thomas A. Adams... [more]

New Paper
Jake Nease, Thomas A. Adams. Comparative life cycle analyses of bulk-scale coal-fueled solid oxide fuel cell power plants [more]

New Theses

Three MACC Students Graduate in 2014
We are proud to announce the... [more]

New Paper
Yaser Khojasteh Salkuyeh, Thomas A. Adams. A novel polygeneration process to co-produce ethylene and electricity from shale gas with zero CO2 emissions via methane oxidative coupling [more]

New Theses
Shefali Kulkarni. Optimal Multi-Time Period Gasoline Blending [more]

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Research MACC research is characterized by collaborative projects with industry [more]

People The MACC team consists of top faculty and students from around the world [more]

Featured Researcher
Dr. Prashant Mhaskar

[full profile]

Dr. Mhaskar has made contributions in the areas of nonlinear MPC, fault-tolerant control and batch control problems with industrial applications, resulting in 40 journal publications in leading archival journals. He currently holds the Canada Research Chair in Nonlinear and Fault-Tolerant Control.